BRAVO's innovative service represents its commitment to improving exchange and acquisition of the gift of language.

BRAVO provided access to audio-visual (music, motion pictures) and literary material (hardcopy and talking books) through a successful strategic alliance from 2003 to 2005.  With rapid growth in online sources of information and language materials, BRAVO Language Learning underwent re-engineering and emerged as Instituto Palmeiras and Falando no Caribe.

Since 2006, BRAVO has promoted intercultural exchange, language learning and cultural research through the creation of the Instituto Palmeiras Capoeira Centre

Um espaço de encontros entre a Africa, Brasil e o Caribe
Falando no Caribe builds your Cultural IQ by connecting you to various elements of Latin American and African history and culture.  Members receive updates and links to music, films and documentaries from and/or about Africa and South/Central America (incl. Mexico) as well as some general information on cultural trends on both continents. 
Cultural awareness is as important as mere knowledge of the language. 


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