Translation involves the transfer of meaning of a text from one language to another for the attention of a specific audience. BRAVO covers most language pairs between its major languages (e.g. German- English, French- Portuguese).

Full or for-publication translations aim to transfer the full complexity of the original text into the translated version, and can be divided into three (3) categories: Poetic, Literary, and Non-Literary.

Cost Schedule

Translation Services:
(Spanish, Portuguese, French,

For Publication or Full Translation:
12.5c US per word

Rough Translation:
$50 US- 3000 words or less
$75 US- 3500 - 5000 words


Submissions for translation and editing should be made by e-mail in Word format to:

Clients should include the following information along with the attached text:

• Size of Text (preferably Word Count to ensure that we have received the complete document)

• Status of Text (Final Version or Draft, for example)

• Deadline Dates

• Special instructions or requirements


Some of our major past and current clients are:

Association of Caribbean University, Research and Institutional Libraries (ACURIL)

Caribbean Development Bank (CDB)

Evolving Tecknologies (ETeck)

Ministry of Trade and Industry/Ministerio de Comercio e Industria, Trinidad & Tobago (

If possible, especially in the case of major or continuous projects, we prefer to meet with clients before beginning a project to assess the complexity and cost of the task to be performed, and to advise clients on their options.

Payment Procedure

In the case of Translation and Editing, we require at least 50% of the agreed cost upon submission. Full settlement should take place within 30 days of the invoice date.

Payments should be made in CAD/USD/Euros, unless otherwise agreed.  All major credit cards are accepted through our PayPal facility.

Translations Only:

• Target Format, i.e. For publication vs. For information

• Language(s) required.
(Each language pair is billed as a separate translation)

After delivery of edited and translated material, we remain available to review texts to ensure customer satisfaction.

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